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The Living Hope I found in Haiti

Isn’t it a bummer when the mail comes two hours late? Don’t you just hate it when the garbage company doesn’t show up on the day they are assigned? How about when that driver cuts you off in the intersection? Well, friends…if that irks you…Haiti may not be the place for you!

I’m with an amazing team of Jesus lovers at Living Hope Ministries in Haiti. There is a post office called Agape run by a rotating group of missionaries located across town. People can pick up mail and packages on Saturdays. Oh, and that garbage? It. Is. Everywhere. There is no garbage service so there are heaps of garbage on the sides of roads, in the streets, on the mountain sides, in the river beds, every where you look. And getting cut off is just part of the deal when you are driving. Heck, who am I kidding? I love a good adventure but I may even skip driving in Haiti! Pure chaos on the roads. No stop lights or stop signs yet somehow it works.

So let’s put aside all of the silly first world problems and focus on what really matters…the people. Man, do I love the people!! Yesterday we drove to another mission post where there were men out selling their goods. I haggled with them, hugged on them and smiled so much my cheeks hurt! Our team visited the local church and got to hear the beautiful songs and prayers in the native tongue of Creole. It’s an amazing experience to go into a church where you don’t understand a single word yet your spirit is totally moved by the heavenly sounds.

Today we were able to worship at Living Hope Ministries. Think of a typical congregation? Yep. That’s not how it is here. There were about 400 people in worship with nearly 80% of them being children. When I looked out to preach, more than half of the kiddos couldn’t see over the pew in front of them. It was adorable! These children wanted to hug and touch every one of us in the group. I did my best to high five, fist bump, hug, and kiss as many as possible. With each smile that I received today, my heart swelled. Most importantly, I got to look hundreds of children in the eye and remind them that Jesus loves them!

Next time you get frustrated and you start to fuss over the mail, the trash, the traffic, you name it…pause…and thank God that you have these blessings in your life. And while you’re at it, say an extra prayer for the beautiful people in Haiti.

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