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In 2008, Vicky's son, Charlie, suffered a unique medical emergency. The Lord met Charlie in his time of need and gave the sweet boy, and his mom, incredible peace during the craziness of the moment. 


Vicky promised God she would write a book to share the experience her son had when he had his own encounter with "The Guy in the Sky". Since the book was first published, it has earned the honor of "USA Best Books Finalist."


Vicky has visited countless schools, meetings, and programs to share how this event literally changed the course of the whole family's life.


If you would like to schedule Vicky for an author's visit to your school, program, or event, please CONTACT OUR TEAM.

"Easy rhyming method, simple language along with the colorful and whimsical illustrations send a simple but wonderful message about us 'calling on God' in times of need. The book is written in terms children can understand, and is something you'll want to share with your child time and again. Very heartwarming!"


-Tammy Davis

Early Childhood Specialist

Founder of Smarty Pants Preschool

My own child had surgery, and I wish we had a copy of My Guy In The Sky before my son went under anesthesia, to help him calm his fears. This book reminds our children, and us as parents, that we can trust God, no matter what.

- Pamela Gossiaux

Author of Why is There a Lemon in My Fruit Salad: How to Stay Sweet When Life Turns Sour

I think this book means a lot. It made me feel like God will always be beside me.

- Ava W., age 8

My Guy in the Sky is a captivating story that reminds us of what life is really all about. It beautifully meshes a child's simplicity with a powerful message, reminding people of all ages that in the midst of the messiness of life, we are not alone.

- Katie Freier

Director of Kids Ministries, Shalom Lutheran Church, Pinckney, Michigan

"This charming children's book reminds us of the most important message in life (whether you are a child or fully grown), if we remember to put our trust in "The Guy in the Sky", stress can flow out of our lives instead of into them."


- Lynn Hoseney

Longtime Teacher

Pinckney Community Schools

My Guy in the Sky is a wonderful book sharing God's hopefulness. Vicky taps into the fear of surgery through the eyes of Charlie, and offers to us that God does care, and is present in our lives with those marshmallows in the sky. Please read this book to your family and be encouraged.

Pastor Dan Flynn

Living Water Lutheran Church, Whitmore Lake, Michigan

Share this wonderfully inspiring story with your family. Order your copy today!
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